Smoke on the water, fire in the sky – Ovation Trophy Day 3

Guest Post by Hugo Slimbrouck, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Ovation Global DMC Swiss Trophy Day 3 At 6am this morning, just when his fellow Irishmen had finally stopped singing in the bar, Padraic slipped silently away to attend a family event. He passed the blogging baton to me and this is my account of the… Read more »

Reaching New Heights: Ovation Trophy 2013 – Zurich – Crans Montana

by Padraic Gilligan, Vice President, Ovation Global DMC No Brunello Florian never showed so there was no Brunello for breakfast. But that was the only disappointment in a day that delivered constant peaks of satisfaction as we crossed Switzerland from Zurich in the east to the Valais region in the south west finally ascending to… Read more »

Ovation Trophy 2012 – the Epilogue

Ovation Trophy – the Epilogue Yesterday’s activities took us all to such heights it seemed impossible to go any higher. But this is Switzerland, remember, and  the highs are limitless. The morning after the night before came way too soon for some of us but, regardless, nearly all were present and correct at our Sunday… Read more »

Ovation Trophy 2012 Day 1 – Lucerne to Interlaken

“I will not attempt to describe the beauty of this country … I will merely tell you that is is literally impossible to tear oneself away from this lake and these shores ” Leo Tolstoy It didn’t take long for it to start. Once the teams were assembled and the lanyards distributed the new identities were… Read more »