Paris for Meetings and Events: Not down and certainly not out

Padraic Gilligan, VP Ovation Global DMC and VP Industry Relations, MCI Behind me a guitar was being tuned. The tuner then addressed the crowd and launched into the Rod Stewart version of “Sailing”. He was truly terrible and gave the lie to Tanenbaum’s thesis that music on the underground leads to a decrease in crime…. Read more »

An Island Story – in the footsteps of J.M. Synge

by Padraic Gilligan, Managing Partner, SoolNua Heavy showers quickly clear to reveal a bright blue early autumn sky as you arrive at Connemara Regional Airport. There are no lines at the airport, no endless security queues, no loudspeaker announcements, no numbered boarding gates. Instead you’re subjected to a “weigh in”, the results from which determine… Read more »

5 key ingredients for a successful incentive travel programme

Five Key Ingredients for a Successful Incentive Travel Programme Padraic Gilligan, Managing Director, Ovation Global DMC For the past five days I assisted my colleagues at Ovation Switzerland in the operation of an incentive travel programme for a US based Finance & Insurance customer. On departure day I listened with great interest as the Incentive… Read more »

“Muddy Waters, Headhunters and very tall buildings – getting beyond first impressions in Malaysia”

by Pádraic Gilligan, Managing Director, Ovation Global DMC There’s so much more to Malaysia than Nasi Goreng, Langkawi, Proton cars and politicians wearing funny hats. A week in Kuala Lumpur on Peninsular Malaysia and Kuching in Sarawak, East Malaysia leaves you feeling you’re only scratching the surface of this fascinating territory which, incredibly, traces its… Read more »

Budapest is knocking on heaven’s door

“Budapest is knocking on heaven’s door” by Padraic Gilligan When the long haired buskers in the underpass are playing complex counterpoints by Bartok and Bernstein rather than “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan then you know you’re in Budapest. This is a city with a profound intellectual and cultural DNA which it carries naturally,… Read more »

Rooms with a View – private venues in Florence

Rooms with a View – private venues in Florence by Padraic Gilligan Italian cities, in general, don’t carry their illustrious past as a burden that prevents them from getting on with 21st century living. The past is integrated into the present sometimes seamlessly, sometimes not but, either way, contemporary life simply carries on, regardless, amidst… Read more »